1/2 Tube Bending Spring

1/4 Saefe Male Tee

1/4 Tube Bending Spring

1/4'' All Refrigerant Charging Hose set 6'

1/8 to 1 1/8 Heavy Duty Cutters

1/8 to 1 3/8 Heavy Duty Cutters

1/8 to 5/8 Heavy Duty Cutters

12CFM/288L/M with solenoid valve & spark proof

14''M X 1/2" F BALL VALVE

144/L Spark Proof Vac Pump (All Refrigerants inc R32)

18V 3 Amp Li-ion Battery Charger

18V Cordless Vac Pump 48L/M W-SOLENOID VALVE

2 Valve Digital Manifold Kit

3/8 M X 3/8 F Ball Valve

3/8 Tube Bending Spring

4 ValveDigital Manifold Kit


5/8 Tube Bending Spring



Airflow & Enviromental Meter

Airflow Balancing Meter

AMB Easy Hood

Automotive Quick Coupler R134A 14mm Female Thread

Automotive Quick Coupler R134A 14mm Female Thread

Basic Ac Install Start Kit

Blackmax Lightweight Flaring Tool

Blackmax Tube cutter

Blackmax Tube cutter

Blackmax Valve Handel

Blue Gauge Boot

Cable Fastening Tool

Color Coded Lever Tube Bender 1/2"

Color Coded Lever Tube Bender 3/4"

Color Coded Lever Tube Bender 3/8"

Color Coded Lever Tube Bender 5/8"

Color Coded Lever Tube Bender 7/8"

CPS Clamp Meter

CPS Elec Vac Gauge

CPS Elec Vac Gauge - Wireless

CPS Temperature Seeker

Cutting Wheel

Cutting Wheel

Deburring Tool - Blackmax

Digital Torque Wrench

Dual Valve Core Tool

Extendavle Mag Inspection Light

Fin Straightening Tool

Fin Straightening Tool

Grit Brush

Hose 150CM 5ft with ball valve, R410A

Hose Gasket 410A

Hose Union 1/4" Male

Hydraulic Tube Expander Kit


Metric Head Torque Wrench


Pinch-Off Pliers

Polybender suits internal 1/2" copper tube

Polybender suits internal 3/8" copper tube

Polybender suits internal 5/8" copper tube

Premium Ratcheting Tube Bender w/Reverse Bend

Premium Tube Expanding Kit

Professional Kit

PVC Tube Cutter

R-410A Clutch-Type Eccentric Flaring Tool/ Drill Attachment

R134,R22,R404 Manifold set

R22 Control Valve

R22 Flaring & Swaging Kit

R407C Gauge

R407C Gauge

R410A Control Valve

R410A Gauge

R410A Gauge

R410A, Manifold set

Ratchet Tube Cutter 1/8" to 7/8"

Red Gauge Boot

Repacement Piercing Pin

Replacement Cutting Wheel

Rubber Gasket


Sensor To Suit Ls300

Solenoid Magnet

Spare 18V 6 A/H Li-on battery

Spark Proof Recovery Unit-All Refrigerant Inc R32 & HFO1234YF

Swaging Tool Kit

Swivel Blow Torch Kit (1077)

Swivel Female Tee

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Temperature & Humidity Data Logger 6 Pack

Testo 174H-Set Mini Temp/Humidity Datalogger w/USB interface

Testo 316-3 Leak detector

Testo 316-4 Set 1 Leak detector

Testo 550 Set - Digital Manifold

Testo 552 digital vacuum gauge with Bluetooth

Testo 557 Set- digital manifold

Testo 745 Non-Contact Voltage

Testo 760-2 True-rms Multimeter

Testo 760-3 True-rms Multimeter

Testo 770-2 True-rms Clamp Meter

Testo 770-3 True-rms Clamp Meter

Testo 830T2 2-Point IR Thermometer

Testo Clamp Probe

Testo Co probe head

Testo Differential Pressure Meter operated by smartphone

Testo High Pressure Meter operated by smartphone

Testo Infrared Thermometer operated by smartphone

Testo Lux probe

Testo Smart Probes Refrigeration Set

Testo Smart Probes VAC Set

Testo Stainless Steel Mini Thermometer

Testo Thermal Anemometer operated by smartphone

Testo Thermohygrometer operated by smartphone

Testo Vane Anemometer operated by smartphone

Torque Wrench Set

Tube Cutter 1/8-7/8 OD

Tube Deburring Tool - Pocket version

Tube Deburring Tool - Toolbox version

Tube Expander

Tube Piercing Pliers

Turbo Blow Torch Kit (1077)

Vac Pump 96L/M 2Stage

Valve Core Removers 410A